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The Maxfli U/Series golf bags are offered in 5 styles of varying weights, features and colorways. By using the below golf bag selection tool, we will find the perfect golf bag for you and your game.

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Maxfli Sunday Stand Bag Image

Maxfli Sunday Stand Bag

The Sunday Stand Bag is ideal for afternoon round, a Par 3 course, a junior player, or new golfer. With a 3-way organized top and 5 total pockets, the bag keeps equipment easily-accessible and protected. Weighing only 3 pounds, this lightweight Maxfli Sunday Stand Bag is the perfect golf bag for an afternoon out on the course.

U/SERIES 5.0 Cart Bag Image

U/SERIES 5.0 Cart Bag

With more pockets for organization, the Maxfli U/Series 5.0 Cart Bag provides all the storage needed for a day out on the course. With 11 total pockets for garments, accessories, valuables, beverages, and a detachable YARDS TO GO pouch for your electronics, this cart bag is a must-have. Straps to easily secure this bag to a riding cart complete the superior design.

U/SERIES 5.0 Stand Bag Image

U/SERIES 5.0 Stand Bag

Combining organization with comfort, the Maxfli U/Series 5.0 Stand Bag has 11 total pockets and an extra-large 14-way divider organizer top. The backpack inspired lightweight perforated EVA carry strap has a 4-point design for ease of carry and breathability. With the YARDS TO GO pouch, it is simple to have a rangefinder or GPS within reach for every shot out on the course.

U/SERIES 4.0 Cart Bag Image

U/SERIES 4.0 Cart Bag

The large, but ultra-light 4.0 Cart Bag has a 14-way divider organizer top with two molded lift handles for ease of use. The fully molded putter well provides simple accessibility while in a riding cart and the bag has straps to secure it without obstructing the pockets. Easily access golf balls and enjoy the extra-large, fully insulated cooler pocket during play with the Maxfli U/Series 4.0 Cart Bag.

U/SERIES 4.0 Stand Bag Image

U/SERIES 4.0 Stand Bag

With improved comfort and durability, the Maxfli U/Series 4.0 Stand Bag organizes everything necessary for a day out on the course. The large 7-way divider top and 8 total pockets keep your clubs, garments, accessories, and valuables free from harm while the cart strap secures the bag to a riding cart. The FLO-BAC lumbar support completes the superior design, promoting air-flow for a more comfortable and enjoyable round.

U/SERIES 3.0 Stand Bag Image

U/SERIES 3.0 Stand Bag

Lightweight and fully functional, the Maxfli Men's U/Series 3.0 Stand Bag makes your carry experience a little more enjoyable. Durable, nylon fabric provides outstanding durability season-after-season. The 9" top with a 6-way dividers can easily accommodate a full set of clubs, keeping them well protected and organized the entire round. Numerous pockets provide plenty of storage space for golf balls, apparel, beverages and accessories - everything you need for a successful day on the cou